How we intend to implement our solutions

In order to provide for a simple, easy to develop, worry free solution we intend to develop 'shortcuts' for distributed application developers to use. But we ourselves intend to utilize as many shortcuts of our own as we can. For instance, all applications developed under our standard will be run as Java Applets, within a browser. This provides a number of advantages:

  1. User security is inherent in the applet model, provided that permissions are not requested by the Applet. Initially, until we can tackle the security aspects, we will strongly discourage the use of anything other than the standard permissions set provided by a browser.
  2. The applet model is virtually system independant of operating system. However, seperate screen-saver programs will be needed per each operating system.

Our initial tasks are thus:

  1. Devolop a Java function or class which will report statistics with a simple call.
  2. Develop a function or class, or both, which will handle the task of storing data sent back by the client.
  3. Develop screen savers which will call the correct website, based on users preferences, and run it either in the background, or as a screensaver.
  4. Create overrides for the stop function.
  5. Develop a web 'home' for amatuer distributed projects -- a central server and repository distributed apps. Note that we only need provide links to OTHER servers -- the applet need not reside on our servers, however for clients to be allowed easy choice between projects, a central directory of applications is a must.

All of these tasks must be broken down into many sub-components, and turned into managable tasks. For this, there needs to be much discussion in just exactly what is needed, and what the best way to accomplish the task is. For that, we need YOUR help!